National Wear Red Day

AMARILLO, TX - If you've seen more people wearing red than usual, it's not a coincidence. Today is the American Heart Association's National Wear Red Day.

On this day millions of Americans will wear red to show their support for the fight against heart disease, especially among women. Heart disease is the number one killer among women in the United States.

According to a local cardiologist, there is often a misconception when it comes to heart diseases among women.

"Nowadays breast cancer [for example] is something every woman is aware of and the majority of women, one hopes, are seeking help at a early age. With heart disease it's different, women are diagnosed with coronary arteries, or angina and go on to have dramatic and early deaths or incapacity" said Dr. Joaquin Martinez-Arraras, Cardiologist with the Amarillo Heart Group.

The entire month of February is known as Heart Month. The American Heart Association will aim to increase awareness on this deadly disease that claims the lives of thousands of women each year.