TPS Recipients Affected by License Requirements

Al Muñíz, Immigration Counselor with Catholic Family Services
Al Muñíz, Immigration Counselor with Catholic Family Services

Lorena Inclan

AMARILLO, TX - Some Texas residents may be stranded due to new requirements for getting a commercial driver's license.

One of the groups being impacted are Salvadorans and Hondurans who were granted temporary immigration approval under the federal program called Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Now the Department of Public Safety (DPS) is requiring form I94, a valid visa and passport to obtain a non-resident commercial driver license. Forms recipients of the TPS do not have.

Statewide activists groups are urging DPS to add work permits, which is a document TPS recipients do have, to the list of accepted documents.

According to a local immigration counselor, there is one other thing people affected by these requirements can do in order to obtain a commercial license.

"They could file a petition for a travel document to travel outside of the country. With that travel document they will go out of the country and when they are coming back, they will get an I94" said Al Muñíz, Immigration Counselor with Catholic Family Services.

In a statement DPS said, "The Department of Public Safety is aware of this issue and over the next 90 days the individuals who were issued the temporary resident commercial driver licenses, will be required to provide additional documentation or their temporary resident commercial driver licenses will be revoked".

It is estimated the measures will affect thousands of people who work as truck or commercial drivers in Texas.