Cold weather sparks need

Phyllis Cook, Executive Director of Panhandle Community Services
Phyllis Cook, Executive Director of Panhandle Community Services

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - Your help is needed in keeping many area residents warm in the bitter cold. As the temperatures drop to the lowest we've seen in years,  the need for help in the Panhandle continues to rise.

Eveline Rivers says, the Christmas Project organization has seen a stream of school counselors coming in to get coats, gloves and hats for area kids they say are coming to school without.

"Waiting on a bus and on the street corner, hose children need to be wrapped up and we need to make sure as a community that takes place." said Rivers.

She's hoping area folks will help bundle those children up.

"As these things begin to be put on clearance go to all the stores in town and purchase the gloves, hats and coats so we can help distribute those." Rivers tells NewsChannel 10.

However, the bone chilling weather, isn't just crushing kids during the school day.

"These bills are going to be astronomical next month." said Phyllis Cook, Executive Director of Panhandle Community Services.

Panhandle Community Services tells NewsChannel 10, they've been inundated with calls for help...and with abnormally low temps whipping across the High Plains this week, they are only expecting the pool of calls to grow.

"We are getting crisis calls saying, 'I've got to get help with these things." said Cook.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, the organization hopes to shrink the pot of crisis calls by helping nearly 600 people. They'll host a utility blitz so residents who qualify can walk right in and get help they need.

"If you are in a crisis situation, you need to come in and see us." Cook urges residents.

She says, she also wants to see those who aren't in trouble to cough up some cash and keep others out of the dangerous cold.

The Utility Blitz will take place February 8th and 9th from 8am-4pm at the main office, located at 1309 SW 8th Avenue.