Keeping warm and staying safe with a fireplace

Jim Ray, J and J Chimney Sweep
Jim Ray, J and J Chimney Sweep

Angelina Perez

Amarillo, TX- With the cold weather during the winter many people are using their fireplaces to keep warm, but there are precautions you need to take to make sure your fireplace does not become a fire hazard.

Jim Ray of J and J Chimney Sweep says if a fireplace is not properly cleaned and has not been inspected it can easily spark a house fire.

Ray says many people use their fireplaces in the winter months, but many do not get an inspection as often as they should.

"The National Fire Protection agency suggests that every chimney and fireplace be inspected annually, and be cleaned as needed and of course a lot of people call us about every 10 years and say well its about time we have it checked out, when actually it should at least be looked at and checked once a year and be swept however often it's needed," said Ray, the owner of J and J Chimney Sweep.

Ray also says the cost of a chimney inspection is much less than the cost of replacing a home after a fire.

When using a fireplace one local fire official says to use common sense.