Large teen party busted

Blair Bernier
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - More than 30 people are arrested after Amarillo Police break up a large party Saturday night on the 3400 block of Amherst.

APD reportedly received a call about someone breaking into a vacant building.

The caller said there were about 100 people inside.

When officers arrived, they saw two young women approaching the building then heard someone say over a walkie-talkie that police were on their way.

Once the crowd realized officers were there, they started to run out of the building.

Police say some of the partygoers, who were mostly teens, even broke out windows to escape.

Additional officers arrived and rounded up the suspects.

In all, 33 adults were booked into Randall County and two teenagers were taken into custody.

They are charged with Criminal Trespass, Public Intoxication and Minor in Possession.