Nixle Alert - 33 arrested at large house party in Amarillo

NewsChannel 10
By KFDA Assignments Desk

Amarillo, Texas - From Amarillo Police Department's Nixle Alert:

Just before 11:00pm on Saturday evening (1-29-2011), officers were dispatched to the Puckett Place Apartments at 3447 Amherst on a suspicion call. Officers were advised that someone had broken into a vacant building (possibly under renovation) and that there were reportedly 100 people inside. When officers first arrived they observed 2 females running towards a building. Officers approached the building and went up the stairs to the 2nd floor where they overheard someone talking on a "walkie talkie" or CB type radio. The conversation was alerting people who were inside the vacant building that the police were on the way. Officers were able to enter the main portion of the building where they observed what turned out to be a large teenage alcohol party. As one officer is detaining a couple of individuals for minor in possession, the vast majority of the crowd finally recognizes that officers are on scene. Someone starts yelling "the police are here" and all the party goers start running, looking for ways out of the building. Some of the party goers begin breaking out windows and doors in an attempt to escape. Some of suspects jumped out of the windows, some were even possibly pushed out by fellow suspects. Additional officers were sent to the area and began rounding up the violators. As one officer was attempting to stop them from breaking out the windows, an (unidentified) individual picked up a chair and threw it at an officer striking, him on the left side. Officers were finally able to gain control of the situation; they observed several individuals had cut themselves trying to get a way. One subject was injured to the point an ambulance was summoned. The property manager was called to the scene and advised that none of these individuals were tenants and did not have permission to be in the building. In all 33 adults were arrested and booked into Randall County for Criminal Trespass, while some were also charged with additional charges like Minor in Possession, Public Intoxication, and Minor in Possession of Tobacco. A 15-year old female and 16 year old male were taken into custody and later released to guardians.

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