Help paying for flood insurance

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Many Amarillo homeowners could save a significant amount of money on their insurance thanks to new help from the government, but you have to know what to ask for to see if you qualify.

Amarillo's Assistant Director of Public Works, Van Hagan, says there are over 60 areas of town that could be impacted by the flood maps being re-drawn in June of last year. If you were in the newly expanded flood zone, then you could be required to buy flood insurance.  To help, the federal government is offering a low-cost flood insurance option to anyone newly incorporated into those flood zones.

FEMA will give you a two year extension on just having a preferred rate for your flood insurance. We're not talking about chump change here. On the extreme end, this program could save you about $1800 dollars a year.

Most people should be notified by their mortgage company about the flood insurance requirements, but it never hurts to check yourself with the engineering department at City Hall.