Rep. Smithee gives his take on Voter ID Bill

Representative John Smithee
Representative John Smithee

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - You may soon have to have a state issued photo ID with you in order to cast a ballot in the state of Texas.

The voter ID bill has passed in the State Senate and is now being handed over to the House of Representatives for a vote.

The legislation was passed in the senate 19-11 and is expected to pass in the house.

Representative John Smithee says he does not understand why the bill would not be passed because IDs are used for many things.

"On the average most Texans show their ID everyday so I just never understand what the big deal with having voter ID was and if it prevents some voter fraud here and there than I think it is probably a good thing," said Smithee.

Smithee says the bill was opposed by some who say they do not have access to a state ID or cannot pay the fee to purchase one, but he says there is a solution.

"The bill provides that if someone doesn't have the money to get the fee to pay for that and wants to vote then the fee can be waived and they can still get the identification card," added Smithee.

Some democrats criticize GOP leaders for this bill because they say the state is facing a budget crisis and the budget is where their focus needs to be instead.