Voter ID bill passed in TX senate... now headed to the House

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - It may soon be required to carry a photo ID to vote, if legislation passed in the Texas Senate also passes in the House.

The Republicans in the Senate are saying the voter ID bill will make it harder for fraudulent voting to take place.

Even with objections from Democrats in the senate the legislation was approved 19-to-11.

It is expected to pass once it reaches the house due to the super-majority of Republicans.

Representative John Smithee says the changes will ensure each voter is who they say they are.

"I think that what you will see now is that when you walk in with your voter card you will also show your drivers license or other form of photo id, and there will be some certainty that the person who is presenting themselves as a voter is the person who is licensed to vote or registered to vote," said Representative John Smithee.

Democrats say the bill may be a violation of the "Voting Rights Act" in Texas, which is designed to protect minority voters, many of whom may not have photo IDs.