Cold Case File: Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - The body of an Amarillo man is found dumped in a culvert off Dumas Highway.and nearly three years later, police remain unsure how he died.

Off givens road, Amarillo investigators discovered the naked body of 22 year old Ryan Garcia in April of 2008.  Police don't know why Garcia's body ended up there.

When discovered his body was partially eaten by animals and badly decomposed. So much so, that the autopsy performed did not determine what killed him.

He had been reported missing by his family in January of that year. Investigators say, this is the second missing person in Ryan's family to be found dead. His maternal grandmother was discovered murdered about five years ago after she was reported missing in 1999.

"This is a double whammy for the family. They already had one member kidnapped and murdered at a local motel and dumped in Albuquerque.  That one went unsolved for years and now we have a child who is not missing any longer, but dead under suspicious circumstances." said Lt. Gary Trupe with Potter-Randall Special Crimes

If you know anything about Ryan Garcia's death or possibly his whereabouts around the Christmas holiday in 2007, you are asked to call Potter Randall Special Crimes at 378-9468.