Proposal to ban pit bulls in Texas

Billie Hicks
Billie Hicks

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - A mother of a child who was killed by pit bull's and her attorney are asking the Texas Legislature to consider banning the dogs.

Here is what pit bull owners and the attorney who proposed the plan have to say.

Many pit bull owners are saying losing their pet would be like losing a child.

"If I had my pit bull for as long as I did then all of a sudden somebody told me I had to get rid of it or I had to euthanize it because they are no longer allowed, that is like taking my eleven year old son and saying sorry we are banning boys," said Dombie Jochetz a former pit bull owner.

People against this also say that pit bulls should not be the only dogs banned because there are many other breeds with aggressive behavior.

"You hear of Dobermans, rottweilers biting, German sheperds, you could probably go through every breed and there is always a bite somewhere. I don't think it's fair to condemn pits for something other dog's do themselves," said Billie Hicks, a pit owner.

Cynthia Kent, the attorney who proposed the ban says that pit bulls account for up to 65% of dog attack fatalities in the U.S.

Kent says she and her client, Serenia Clinton, the mother of ten-year-old Justin Clinton, who was killed in 2009 are proposing this legislation to ensure the safety of other children.

Pit bull owners we spoke with say that the dogs are not a threat to children and can be very affectionate.

"My two-year-old used to lay down on her and read books to her and she didn't mind it," added Jochetz.

If the ban were to take affect the most severe consequence would be a third degree felony.

A viewer comment says the animals are very dangerous and should have never been bred. She also says a statewide ban is the only way to ensure safety.

At this time there are no officials supporting the legislation.