Safety concern at local airport

Mandi King
Mandi King

AMARILLO, TEXAS - An Amarillo family is raising safety concerns about an area airport after an accident that could have been tragic. The family says this runway at Tradewind Airport is too close to the public road at about 25 feet away.

Mandi King says she was driving along 46th Street yesterday when a plane took off. She says the force from the Cessna citation's thrust knocked her car to other side of the road and blew out the glass in one of her windows. No one was injured in the incident.

The airport manager wasn't available for an on-camera interview, but another worker did confirm the accident happened as described.  They also said this is very rare and probably happened because it was a windy day and the pilot had to use extra force to get up into the air. Then they added, they weren't sure what the big deal was because the pilot was going to pay to fix her windows.

"If you're going to fix my window, okay. But something's got to be done where it doesn't happen again," said Tony King, husband of Mandi King.

The airport worker says the road was put there after the airport and it was poor planning.  While it's not clear what could be done about fixing the situation, Mandi has some advice for the meantime.

"Be careful. When you are driving down the road, if you see any planes stop and wait for them to leave," Mandi said.