Direct order from Austin, no money to pay for them

Randall County Commissioner Mark Benton
Randall County Commissioner Mark Benton

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Randall County is taking a stand against unfunded mandates from the State of Texas.

Unfunded mandates are basically programs and policies the state requires cities and counties put into place, but the state doesn't give them any money to make that happen.

There are new concerns that there will be more unfunded mandates this time around, as lawmakers try to make the state run efficiently, while dealing with the multi-billion dollar deficit.

Randall County Commissioners made their voices heard today, signing a resolution against these mandates, they're hoping hundreds of other Texas counties will do the same thing and save taxpayers money.

Commission Mark Benton says, "What we would like to see is if you're going to pass something that requires Randall county to spend money that we don't have budgeted for some new regulation, some new rule, give us the money to do it. If there's something the state legislators think we need to do, fine, but come up with the money to pay for it. Don't just say we think it's a great idea, somebody else pay for it."

These mandates can be anything from road projects to extra judges to school district financing. If the state decides not to pay for it, taxes could go up, something every local leader we spoke with today says is a last resort.