Breast milk bank opens in Amarillo

Breast milk bank opens in Amarillo

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Out of tragedy, a new program is born to help premature babies in our area. The Breast Milk Bank at Northwest Texas Hospital was started because of Curran Gomez, the baby whose mom died in a car crash near Channing the day after Christmas.

Curran is still in critical condition, after being delivered by c-section before his mom passed away.

The situation prompted his father to raise awareness about donating breast milk, specifically for babies like curran, who need the nutrients, but whose moms aren't around or aren't physically able to breast feed.

The bank has only been open for a few days and already more than 30 moms have donated milk. NW Texas Lactation nurse Tiffany Erickson says, "It's required that a donor donate 100 ounces. It doesn't have to be all at once. It can be over a long period of time, but that's the requirement. Pump it into bottles or into a freezer bags, the breast milk collection bags and just freeze it and they can bring it to me frozen. It's the easiest way."

There is no cost to donate, but you will have to have a few blood tests. If you're interested, you can call Tiffany Erickson at Northwest. That number is 354-1394.