Possible solution to Curry Co. Jail problems

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Clovis, New Mexico - After 14 inmate escapes in five years, Curry County is making a big push to clean up their troubled jail.

NewsChannel 10's Ben Briscoe looks at the latest attempt to keep their community safe and what makes this time different. Over the years hearing about these Curry County escapes has been almost like a broken record.

Plus, there's the attempted escapes like this one caught on camera last year. And you can't forget the mistaken releases of people who haven't finished serving their time. But going forward, the county says everything will be different.

They are the first jail to enroll in a brand new accreditation program for New Mexico detention centers. Right now the state has no laws about standards jails have to follow.

But this new accreditation program through the New Mexico association of counties will require facilities to live up to best practices from around the country. The program will bring in trainers from leading detention centers like Quantico.

The process should take about two years and is basically free to the county, meaning once and for all that broken record could possibly play without problems again.