West Texas Rehab patient wrap up

Mary Bauernfiend,
Mary Bauernfiend,
Marlene Ochs
Marlene Ochs

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Abilene, TX - The West Texas Rehabilitation Center has helped thousands of people since opening more than fifty years ago.

NewsChannel 10 has been bringing you patient stories all this week, here is a wrap up on how their lives have been changed.

Patients of all ages have been helped at the West Texas Rehab Center.

Mary Bauernfiend, started coming to the center after becoming wheel chair bound, following an infection.

She is a considered a success story for the rehab center.

"I have gone from a wheel chair to just being very independent and just almost back to normal," said Mary Baurenfiend.

Marlene Ochs is a newcomer to West Texas Rehab.

She started coming to the center after a heart attack and stroke left her weak and with memory problems.

"I feel that I've lost something and I need to get it back," said Marlene Ochs.

Three-year-old Aiden Enriquez started coming to the center when he was two, to help with his language and communication skills. His parents say he is making real progress.

"Since we started here he is non-stop jabber compared to not saying anything at all, so you could see his progress trying to communicate and use his voice has much improved," said Cody Enriquez, the patient's father.

Baby Ella has a rare genetic disorder. Her parents brought her to the center to help with developmental delays.

Her mother says the center has taught her how to work with Ella at home.

"It's needed, it's needed in all aspects from helping me, to helping her to just um quality of life," heather Strable said, Ella's mom.

Mary Bauernfiend says as wonderful as it is that she is making a recovery. It is just as rewarding to see patients around her getting better.

"It's kind of like just one big family," added Mary.

The West Texas Rehab's annual telethon will be airing January 22nd from seven to midnight, right here on NewsChannel 10.

If you would like to view the items up for bid you can go to westtexasrehab.org