Learning what healthy means on Women's Healthy Weight Day

Clinical nutritionist Micah Wing
Clinical nutritionist Micah Wing

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - January 20th is national Women's Healthy Weight Day, and specialists in the area want to remind women that being healthy does not mean you have to be skinny.

Women's Healthy Weight Day is sponsored by the Healthy Weight Network. The organization says being healthy does not mean you are skinny, but you are comfortable with your body.

A local nutritionist and an eating disorder specialist NewsChannel 10 spoke with say that being too skinny has a lot of the same health problems associated with being overweight.

"We see very similar risks in someone that is overweight as we do in somebody who is considerably underweight in terms of the stress that it puts on their body and not just on their body but on their emotional well being as well," said Kaye Renshaw, an eating disorder specialist.

We were told that many women do not consider health risks from being too thin, and because of that there has been an increase in eating disorders in young women.

"Fifty percent of teenagers have dealt with an eating disturbance of some sort during their teenage years, so we need to focus on healthy weight without inserting in our youth at an impressionable age that healthy equals skinny cause that's not the case," said Micah Wing a clinical nutritionist.

Both Wing and Renshaw say moderate exercise and diet can eliminate having any weight issues.

Both of the specialists also say to consult your doctor about what weight range you should be in before making any drastic changes.