Amarillo Transitional Center in need of donations

Amarillo Transitional Center administrator, Steve Warren
Amarillo Transitional Center administrator, Steve Warren

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - The only halfway house in the Panhandle needs your help assisting ex-offenders as they transition back into society.

The Amarillo Transitional Center is currently helping 31 men and women recently released from prison integrate back into our surrounding area. The patients will spend three months at the facility out on south east third. While many of the patients have only been undergoing treatment at the center for just a couple weeks, administrators tell NewsChannel 10, they are already seeing improvements in the recovering drug abusers.

"They are regaining a sense of purpose.  Regaining a pride in themselves, and they are understanding they can really accomplish all of those things and be held accountable for their behavior and not end up in jail or prison." said Amarillo Transitional Center administrator, Steve Warren.

Warren says however, when the patients arrive to the center, they only have the clothes that they are wearing. He tells NewsChannel 10, the patients are in need of everything coats, shoes, even underwear.

If you would like to donate, call the Amarillo Transitional Center at 398-9115.