Texas volunteers hopeful about missing Texas teen

By BETSY BLANEY Associated Press

COLORADO CITY, Texas — Kevin Bowman and his brother came to search for a missing West Texas teen with purpose and with dread.

The Bowmans on Thursday joined about 20 other volunteers to look for Hailey Darlene Dunn, a middle school cheerleader who was reported missing Dec. 28 from Colorado City, about 240 miles west of Dallas.

Kevin Bowman wiped tears away as he spoke about the teenager, saying there is "less and less hope" each day that Hailey is alive.

Hailey was reported missing by her mother, Billie Dunn, whose former live-in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, said he last saw the youngster a day earlier.

No one has been arrested.

Adkins has been named as one of several people of interest in the case. He has denied involvement in Hailey's disappearance.