Frank Phillips closure rumors

BORGER, TEXAS - Depending on who you ask, an area community college may be closing down because of Texas's budget crisis.

The Associated Press reported Frank Phillips College in Borger is one of four Texas public schools that republicans want to close in an effort to save $145 million, but administrators on campus tell a different story.

The way they understand things is Frank Phillips would only loose their state funding but they could still operate.

"It certainly would not go unnoticed by any means, but it's not the only money we have," said Shannon Carol, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The school also brings in money from local taxes plus students pay tuition and fees. However the Texas Association of Community Colleges released a statement saying - "This will effectively end these colleges as viable institutions in their communities."

The cuts are just one proposal to make up for an almost $25 billion budget shortfall.

For more on other options, check out the Texas Legislature section of