Meredith minus the marina

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Fritch, Texas - Now that the marina is closed and almost all the boats are gone, many are wondering if there is anything left for Lake Meredith.    

Lake Meredith has seen its share of hardships, with rapidly decreasing water levels, algae killing fish, and the recent closing of the marina. These things are taking their toll on the town of Fritch and the lake itself, as visitors continue to decline.

In fact, last year park visitation was down 15%, but the National Park Service is determined to keep visitors coming. Cindy Ott-Jones says, "We have other things to do. Are they going to be more land-based for awhile? Yes they are. What can we do? We cannot control the water, so we are going to try and focus our recreation on other things."

Those other things include maintaining and improving campgrounds. Adding electricity to them, may happen in the near future. Hiking and biking trails and better signage throughout the park are also in the works. You may see them just in time for summer.

The National Park Service does want to make it clear though, water activities are still underway. They are maintaining the boat ramp and there is plenty of water for fishing.