Raising awareness on ovarian cancer

Angelina Perez

Amarillo, TX- Thousands of women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year, to help catch this disease in an earlier stage, Facebook is raising awareness.

Facebook and "Ovation For A Cure" are turning the site teal, the color of ovarian cancer awareness for the week.. They are doing this to help educate the public about the silent disease.

Doctor Teresa Baker says raising awareness on any disease is helpful because it makes talking about it and knowing the risks you face much easier.

"I'm all for people reading on the internet and becoming more educated about their own health. I think that very empowering for women and I think it's very important to be educated about your own body," said Dr.. Baker.

Baker says that the information on the internet is valuable and helps educate patients on what they may be facing, but she warns you cannot always believe what you read on the internet.

"Some of the information on the internet is not accurate so when a woman comes to a doctor they best thing she can do is relay to the doctor what her concerns are and then have a very open mind about what the medical literature actually says," added Dr. Baker

Baker suggests using the information you find on the internet lightly and leave the diagnosing to your doctor.