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Facebook increases awareness of ovarian cancer

Dr. Teresa Baker Dr. Teresa Baker

Angelina Perez
NewwChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Facebook is spreading awareness to increase the knowledge of ovarian cancer.

Facebook and "Ovations For A Cure" are asking users to turn the site teal for the week, to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

Doctor Teresa Baker says patients gaining information from the internet is valuable because it arms them with basic symptoms and signs of the disease.

"I think anytime we can educate patients, it is in our favor. An educated woman is going to bring to her doctors attention problems faster and that's always going to lead to an earlier diagnosis and earlier presentation to the doctor," said Dr. Baker.

Doctor Baker says it is a good thing that patients have more access to find health information, but you need to bring any problems you are having to your doctor to get the right diagnosis.

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