West Texas Rehab, Mary's story

Angelina Perez
NewChannel 10

Abilene,TX - Nearly 30,000 patients with physical disabilities and communication disorders are helped at West Texas Rehabilitation Center every year.

We will be bringing you personal patient stories on how the center has helped them.

Here is Mary's story.

Mary Bauernfeind is one of West Texas Rehab's success stories.

"I have gone from a wheel chair to just being very independent and just almost back to normal,"said Mary.

Mary started coming to the rehab center after an injury from a different treatment.

"I came last April after having a very serious infection on my lower left leg which required two surgeries and my doctor recommended physical therapy," added Mary.

She says she is making a recovery all thanks to the staff at the center.

"Everybody here is so helpful, friendly and just the atmosphere makes you just really want to work and enjoy coming here so I don't really mind exercising at all," Mary stated.

Mary says although she is finished with her treatment she will still continue to come to the center.

"It's just kind of like one big family, I just enjoy so much coming here," said Mary.

Mary is just one of the many patients who have been helped with the program.

Just in the past year 28,000 patients have overcome obstacles here at west texas rehab.

She says she sometimes faces challenges but will continue doing all she can for her recovery.

"Someday's I think I'm just too tired and I don't feel like it, once I get here and when I leave I just think everything is great," said Mary.