Update on missing children in Amarillo

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX- There are several cases in Amarillo that didn't meet that criteria to have an Amber alert issued and because of that police need your help finding three missing children.

Dorien Thomas went missing in 1998, at the age of nine, when he was riding his bike in north Amarillo.

"The last time he was seen or known of he was going to the Toot N Totum there at Boulevard and Hughes, he was going to go get a drink and some chips," said Lt. Gary Trupe.

The second case is that of Brandy Noble, she has been missing since 2002, when she was sixteen.

"She just basically has disappeared off the face of the earth," said Lt. Martin Birkenfield.

The more recent case is of Jessica Delgadillo who went missing just three months ago at the age of fourteen.

"Jessica's a young lady that has disappeared and has been missing since October, we believe that she's missing voluntarily," added Birkenfield.

Officers say there is little hope Dorien may still be alive but they will continue searching for him until that is proven.

"We would like to find Dorien, we would like to be able to, if somebody did murder him, arrest that person, I think someday we'll find Dorien I just don't know where," said Lt. Trupe.

Brandy is listed as an endangered missing child with the possibility of foul play, officers say she was involved in some dangerous activity before she went missing, so they are concerned.

"She was involved in some activities at the time that put her in danger as a juvenile and now that almost 8 years has passed and nobody has heard from her than that makes it all the more likely that something has happened to her," stated Lt. Birkenfield.

Investigators believe Jessica is a runaway but they are still concerned about her safety.

"Because of her age and the fact that she has not contacted anybody in such a long period of time we are worried about her well being too," Birkenfield added.

If you have any information regarding any of these cases call Amarillo police at 378-3038.