On the 15 year anniversary of Amber alert motivation's death, Amarillo Police look into missing children here

Amarillo, TX - It has been fifteen years to the day since the kidnapping and murder of Amber Hagerman, it was her disappearance which started the Amber alert program, which helps find abducted children faster.

There are currently three ongoing investigations of missing children in Amarillo.

One of the cases happened in 1998 and police are still desperately searching for answers.

Dorien Thomas went missing in October of 1998, when he was just nine years old, while he was riding his bicycle in North Amarillo.

Dorien's kidnapping was considered an involuntary non-family abduction.

Investigators say they have had multiple believed sightings of Dorien but they haven't had any luck finding him .

"There's been great deals when people have been found after this many years but I think the chances are great that Dorien is no longer alive and that somebody took him and whatever happened, killed him and buried or disposed of his body," said Lt. Gary Trupe of special crimes.

Dorien's case is considered a cold case, but special crimes will continue investigating until they have their answers.

If you have any information regarding Dorien's disappearance, contact Potter - Randall Special Crimes at 378-9468.