Amarillo grandmother kept out of home following stand-off

Ethel Williams
Ethel Williams

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - An Amarillo grandmother says she needs help to fix her home, after it was damaged during a standoff with Amarillo police.

Tuesday, Amarillo police were involved in a standoff at a North Adams home for several hours. The stand-off ended with the alleged suspect no where in sight, but the home he occupied received thousands of dollars worth of damage. That includes several broken windows, busted cabinets and light fixtures and furniture doused in tear gas.

The home owner 62 year old, Ethel Williams says she and her family were told by city officials, it would take nearly a month for the city to let her know if her damages would be paid for.

"I am on a fixed income. I only make $815 a month. I have disability. I do not have enough money to get my house done, plus buy new clothes, I just don't have that kind of money." Williams said Thursday afternoon.

NewsChannel 10 spoke briefly by phone with city officials. According to them, the city will soon begin to work on getting some of the damages to Williams' home fixed. However,  they have not answered how much of the damages would be paid for and how long it would take.