An update on missing children in Amarillo for Amber Alert Awareness Day

Amarillo TX - Fifteen years ago, Amber Hagerman was kidnapped and killed.

Soon after, the Amber Alert system was established, helping children who are abducted be saved faster.

Although the Amber Alert was established to help find missing children much faster, there are currently three missing children in Amarillo.

Two of whom are younger girls.

Brandy Noble was reported missing at the age of sixteen in March of 2002 when she allegedly ran away.

She is currently listed as endangered with a possibility of foul play.

"Nobody has seen or heard from her in a significant period of time, we started investigating the case back in September 2002 and the case is still actively being investigated and we're looking for any leads, anybody who knew Brandy Noble at the time that might have an idea of where she's at," said Lt. Martin Birkenfield.

Jessica Delgadillo, is a more recent case.

The 14-year-old was reported missing in October 2010.

She is also listed as a possible runaway.

Police say she may have traveled to Lubbock or even Florida.

"Jessica's a young lady that has disappeared and has been missing since October, we believe that she's missing voluntarily but because of her age and the fact that she has not contacted anybody in such a long time we are worried about her well being too, added Birkenfield.

If you have any information on the case of either Jessica Delgadillo or Brandy Noble call Amarillo Police at 378-3038.