Immigrants Surge in Guymon

Ben Briscoe
NewsChannel 10

GUYMON, OKLAHOMA - A surge of immigrants are flooding into one area city. Now Texas County has the highest percentage of foreign born residents in the entire state of Oklahoma.

Employees with the city say ever since the seaboard plant opened in the 1990's immigrants have been coming for jobs. And today the US census says 21.3 percent of people here were born in another country with representation from every continent except Antarctica.

That compares to a statewide average of 5 percent.

According to the Associated Press:

Other counties with high percentages were Blaine (9.5 percent), Oklahoma (9.2 percent) and Beaver (8.6 percent).

Deidre Myers with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce says manufacturing, agricultural, technology and service industries are attracting immigrants from other countries.

Myers says there also has been foreign-born growth in high-skilled research and development and technology in Tulsa and Cleveland counties, where there are strong knowledge-based industries.