Bushland students pledge to stop texting while driving

Kerstin Willis
Kerstin Willis

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Bushland, TX- A group known as Teens in the Driver's Seat is reporting that nationwide there are more than 160 fatal teen car accidents this year.

To avoid becoming a statistic some area high school students are making a pledge, to not text while driving.

It's only the first two weeks of 2011, and in just a few hours, the estimated numbers have grown from 161 fatal teen accidents to 164, according to Teens in the Driver's Seat.

The organization attributes these deaths mostly to driving at night, speeding and distractions, like cell phones.

Bushland high school students made the pledge to be safe drivers by placing their finger print on a banner as a symbol of their promise.

The assembly was made possible by Allstate insurance and Teens in the Driver's Seat.

Lee McCasland a local agent says these programs should not be directed at just teens.

"It's urging students and I guess people of all ages not to use their cell phones when they are driving and try to cut down on the teenage fatalities and accidents in general," said McCasland.

A student who helped make the assembly possible, hopes her classmates realize the graphic images they saw during the assembly can happen to them.

"I think this will open their eyes and kind of make them realize that they are not invincible and that they can kill themselves as well as others," said Kerstin Willis.

The students also learned of the dangers of drowsy driving,  racing and not wearing a seatbelt.