Battling alcohol in Curry County elementary schools

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Curry County - They may be well underage, but some students in Curry County are already learning about alcohol.  

"Protecting You, Protecting Me" is a Mother's Against Drunk Driving nationwide campaign, and it can now be found in Curry County schools. The program is starting next week in two Clovis elementary schools, where 4th and 5th grade students will learn all about the dangers of alcohol and drinking and driving.

Although these children may seem young, program leaders say it's never too early to start educating them. Deanna Bouillon of Curry County DWI Prevention says, "The main reason is by the time kids get into middle school and junior high, they have pretty much developed their ideas and opinions about alcohol and if we can get in there and teach them before they develop those ideas, then we are hoping it can make an impact. Once they get older into adolescence, they pretty much have decided what they want to do."

A series of 40 lessons will be taught to these students during an after school program, in which over 100 kids are enrolled. Bouillon says the curriculum is very hands-on and allows kids to understand how the brain works and how alcohol can be dangerous.

The "Protecting You, Protecting Me" program is being tested at La Casita and James Bickley elementary schools and will eventually expand to other grade levels and schools.