SWAT stand-off ends

SWAT stand-off ends

Amarillo, TX - A standoff in a North Amarillo home ended Tuesday afternoon when SWAT team members searched the home at 817 N. Adams and found no suspect.

Moments before the SWAT team used tear gas to try and remove the suspect. It is believed he may have slipped through a back door to escape.

APD reports a female called 911 around 11:06 Tuesday morning concerning a domestic disturbance.

The woman told police that the suspect had threatened to kill everyone and had a handgun in his possession when he did so.

Multiple APD officers and detectives were on location and tried to communicate to the suspect through a PA system and cell phone.

Homes in the immediate area were evacuated during the stand off.

When police entered, the home, they found a firearm, but no one inside.

Police are currently investigating whether the domestic assault did actually occur. If the alleged, assault is founded, police say the man could face charges.