Donations Needed for Veteran Organization

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO---Your help is needed in providing some basic necessities for our nation's heroes.

Local organization, Veteran Services Unlimited, says donations given to the non-profit dropped off by 95 percent last year.

Those donations help feed, clothe and house area veterans in need.

Because of the lack of funds, but high demand for help the organization's founder tells us, he and his wife spent thousands of dollars of their own money to help.

They say, with the rocky economy, they have noticed more people turning their backs on veterans.

"I don't know who can see a female veteran back from Iraq or Afghanistan and she has two kids living with her up under a bridge... I have a problem with that." said Randi Laird, founder of Veteran Services Unlimited

There are about 15 hundred homeless veterans throughout the Panhandle.

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