Mother Blames CPS for Son's Murder

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Donley County, Texas - The Donley County Sheriff is calling it the worst case he's dealt with in his 30-year law enforcement career.

Two days after her four-year-old son's death, Chance Mark Jones' mom is pointing fingers at Child Protective Services. Nancy Brown says she has nightmares about what happened to her son in a home Southeast of Clarendon.

She says, "He looked like he'd been tossed around like a ragdoll than run over by an 18-wheeler."

The four-year-old died Wednesday morning, allegedly at the hands of his own dad, Robert Babcock... Who now sits behind bars in Donley County for capital murder.

The boy was taken away from his mom in mid-November, after CPS found evidence of abuse and neglect. Following a criminal background check and an in-depth interview, CPS allowed Babcock to take custody of his son in mid-December.

While Brown says she never thought Babcock was capable of something like this, she says it could have been prevented. "I do believe CPS should have been doing their house checks with the kids that they have not done and they may have caught the child abuse early."

She's blaming the agency, saying they did not play by the rules. But CPS says they acted by the book.

CPS tells us in cases where the biological parent is in custody, they do not have to do welfare checks every ten days like they would if it was not the biological parent who has custody.

Texas Rangers say the young boy had been beaten sporadically since Christmas Eve. If convicted, his dad could face the death penalty.