APD investigating an in custody death

Angelina Perez
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX- Two Amarillo police officers are on administrative leave following a in custody death Wednesday night.

Police were dispatched last night on a call of a suicidal man. When they arrived on scene, officers say they found Kelly Sinclair with a butcher knife.

When Sinclair saw the officers he placed the knife to his throat.

Police took action by shooting him with their taser, hitting him in the upper body.

After resisting, officers say they were able to handcuff Sinclair.

Soon after they realized he was not breathing.

"They thought immediately that he was attempting to take his life which was reported, when they had been sent there. His actions made them feel like they had to take immediate action to try to save him," said Lt. Gary Trupe from APD Special Crimes Unit.

Lieutenant Gary Trupe says there are not many other actions the officers could have taken.

"I'm sure that the officers would have loved to say that they saved his life and been able to take him maybe into custody and take him out for psychiatric treatment. In my mind they did save him from stabbing himself and killing himself that way," said Trupe.

The cause of death is unknown at this time. Preliminary autopsy results will be in later this week.

The incident is being investigated by APD It will then be handed over to the Potter County District Attorney and later to a Grand Jury.