Dialysis Center Safety Concerns

Angelina Perez

Amarillo- TX   After an investigation done by ProPublica, concerning the safety and cleanliness of dialysis centers in the U.S., many patients and doctors are concerned.

With nearly 40,000 Texans receiving treatment for the end stage of kidney disease. An estimated 1.5 million Texans with chronic kidney disease, officials are concerned whether or not the treatment center are safe for them.

There are now more treatment centers than ever across the U.S. and there are less officials to do the proper inspections of the centers.

Debbie Stewart, the administrator of Renal Care Partners in Amarillo, says dialysis centers in Texas are kept up to date with inspections.

"In the not too distant past they have adopted the Texas rules and regulations to be national now because they realize they are one of the safest rules and regulations to follow for patients and they are adopted nationwide because they realize that this is why they are being safe is because they are following these guidelines."

Unlike other states, inspections here are done by Medicare and the State of Texas to make sure all centers are up-to-date and clean.