TxDOT warning drivers to watch for deer on highways

Angelina Perez

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX--TxDOT is cautioning motorists to watch out for deer on highways now that it is running season.

We are told the amount of dead deer has greatly increased on highways.

We have been told that nearly 40 dead deer have been seen off of I-40 headed East in the last few weeks.

TxDOT says it's because the population of deer has grown, and it is the time of year when they move.

They say these deaths are caused by cars hitting them.

TxDOT says there are things you can do to avoid hitting a deer.

They say first of all watch for deer crossing signs, because there is probably a high population of deer in the area.

They suggest slowing your speed if you do see deer.

Most importantly do not swerve, just break firmly and stay in your lane.

They also says not to touch the animal if you do hit one, and to call police if it is blocking the highway.

TxDOT says they remove the deer from the roadways to allow nature to take its course.