New Year, New Improvements in Canyon

City Manager Randy Criswell
City Manager Randy Criswell

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - After holding off for years because of the bad economy, the City of Canyon is making some big changes in 2011.

There are five major projects... With a combined price tag of around $4 million dollars... Some of it will be paid for by taxpayers, others by state and federal grants.

Out of all the improvements slated, the one you'll most likely notice right away is the gateway project... Cleaning up the entrance to Canyon going North from Amarillo.

It's been an eyesore for years... And now $700,000 from the city and $300,000 from TxDOT will change that.

City Manager Randy Criswell says, "We're gonna install some concrete on some of the steepest portions of those slopes. Some dressy concrete, nice looking concrete. They'll be grass and they'll be trees, they'll be native vegetation of some kind. Just really clean that area up from north of the railroad track as you come into town."

Other big projects include upgrading fire trucks, police cars and the sewer system. Rounding out the list are park improvements... Adding bathrooms, pavilions and a concession stand to Conner Park and the Brown Road Soccer Complex.