New Hotel Opening in Downtown Amarillo

Angelina Perez

Amarillo-TX- Amarillo's downtown is revealing a new attraction to start off the new year.

A new hotel is set to open in the Central City area Monday.

It's been nearly six years in the making, and now Center City says the downtown area is being revitalized.

It's not a brand new building, but it has a new purpose.

The Fisk Building was opened in 1927 and was originally an office for doctors and dentists.

Now it is a full service Courtyard Marriott.

Beth Duke from Center City says this will open up many more possibilities for the downtown. Area.

"it's a great milestone for out downtown redevelopment. We have been promoting for that last 6 years that downtown is a place to live, work, play learn and worship, and as of this weekend downtown is a place to stay," said Beth duke, the center city executive director.

Duke also says being able to stay in the hotel will help restaurants, clubs and local shops in the area gain more business.

Duke says they are glad they were able to recycle the old building and make it something new, to attract more people to the downtown area.