Binge Drinking Dangers: They Can Happen to You

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - There will be plenty of champagne tonight as people bring in the New Year and there are constant reminders out there not to drink and drive. What you may not think of are the dangers that can happen without getting into a car.   

For many people ringing in the New Year tonight, the alcohol will be flowing. When it flows too much, your celebration could turn into an emergency room visit, or worse.

Alcohol poisoning or an alcohol induced coma are very real dangers of drinking too much, says an area paramedic.

As Troy Lightsey explains, aspiration, or choking to death on your own vomit while passed out from drinking, has led to many deaths. He says, "Anytime somebody's had enough to drink where they've passed out, they need to get help. You don't want to let them sleep it off because they could wake up in the morning and it could be detrimental. In the old days, yes, I would let them go home and sleep it off, but too many times people have gone home and slept it off and then the next morning been found."

Poisoning and unconsciousness are not the only dangers, because you can be very intoxicated and still be walking and talking. Lightsey says they will be called out to multiple homes, bars, and roadways tonight because of concussions, fights, wrecks, and other injuries.

Lightsey stresses whether you are a new drinker or have been drinking your entire life, these things could happen to you.