A plea has been made in a 2008 murder in Amarillo

Angelina Perez

Amarillo, TX- A man accused of murder and aggravated assault in 2008 made his plea Thursday.

Emanuel Vasquez pleaded guilty to the 2008 murder of Andrew Santos and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Davina Tisthammer.

The murder happened when Vasquez and Santos reportedly were involved in a chase with each other in Amarillo.

The chase ended when Vasquez rammed his vehicle into the car Santos was driving, forcing Santos' car into a concrete pole at Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union.

Investigators say there was no connection between Vasquez and the victims.

"There was no contact between them, they never knew each other, there was never anything personal. So whatever it was was just some kind of random act that turned into this road rage and went across Amarillo," said Lt. Gary Trupe.

Investigators say it took some time to arrest and press charges against Vasquez because of a lack of evidence and eye-witnesses.

"We just decided we would let him leave for a little bit, make our case stronger,during that time, he fled," added Lt. Gary Trupe.

Vasquez was on the run for nearly two years.. He was found in February this year, when he was arrested on a domestic violence charge in El Paso.

Vasquez faces forty years in prison for the charges.

He is eligible for parole in twenty years.