Fugitive File: 2010 Special Edition

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - In our final edition of Fugitive File for this year, we bring you not just one wanted person, but all of those who are still not captured. NewsChannel 10 has featured 49 fugitives this year and of those, 12 are still at large.

Those fugitives are: Rafael Pineda wanted for indecency with a child, Arturo Villar for robbery, James Parkis for forgery, Tanya Vallejo for forgery and theft, Norbert Young for theft and forgery, Harold Triplett for drug possession, John Wells for assault, Leedrew Bolton for robbery and DUI, Steve Tovar for assault, Francisco Benitez for sexual assault, and Bubba Holland, Jr.  for burglary.

Corporal Sean Slover of the Amarillo Police Department says there is one fugitive he believes to be the most wanted of the dozen. He says, "One in particular that really stands out with me is Jose Manuel Vasquez. He is a registered sex offender. He's got charges against him, 12 or more counts against children in the Potter and Randall area. DPS has picked up on him. They've added additional rewards to get him."

Corporal Slover says the most common crimes of the year for wanted fugitives are forgery, burglary, and robbery. He explains, "We've had quite a few forgery and identity type crimes. People don't realize how important it is to try and protect their identities."

There may have been many crimes this year, but a lot of arrests have been made thanks to your tips. Corporal Slover says, "Last year just for a comparison, we had a very busy year. We had 1,062 tips last year. We reached that at September 4th this year. So now we are up to 1,452 tips for 2010 as of this morning."

Adding to our dozen featured fugitives still at large, is this week's wanted man, William Earl Woodard. He is wanted for drug possession, injury to a child, and parole violation. If you have information on any of the fugitives we showed you tonight, call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 374-4400.