Medicaid Money Recovered

Texas - 23 million dollars was recovered for the Texas Medicaid Program today in the second of three cases against drug manufactures.

In 2007, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott took legal action against three major drug manufacturers for misrepresenting the prices of hundreds of Medicaid-covered drugs. The first settlement against Teva Pharmaceuticals was resolved last summer with Teva paying a 169 million dollars, more than 50 million of which went to Texas.

Today's settlement against Mylan Laboratories resulted in paying 42 million to the federal government and 23 million to Texas. The case against Sandoz Incorporated of New Jersey has yet to be resolved.In related news, investigators say this week they seized a quarter million dollars worth of gold coins bought with money obtained by defrauding the Texas Medicaid Program.

Marcellius Anunobi was convicted in September of defrauding Texas of more than two million dollars by billing Texas for prescriptions that were never filled. The hundred and one gold coins were seized as part of the 2.2 million dollars in restitution that Anunobi was ordered to pay in September when a 20-year prison sentence was also handed down.