Washington Games Cost Locals Millions

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Our region is missing out on almost half a billion dollars of extra federal funding because of what some call political games.

New information shows that in the recent failed spending bill from the US Senate, many of our regional senators cared enough about special local projects to ask for extra tax dollars. But those senators were also part of the criticism that killed the bill for having too many ear marks or pet projects.

Oklahoma's James Inhofe's personal requests totaled $39 million. John Cornyn wanted almost $96 million - despite saying this on national TV: "We do have a spending problem." And Kay Bailey Hutchison topped our area senators with over $167 million.

But now in part because these same people said they would likely vote against the bill, those requests have been trashed. And the High Plains will never see a dime of that potential funding.

Among the biggest critics of the bill though was Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. He had zero dollars of earmarks to his name.