A mountain lion is on the loose in Carson County

Carson County Sheriff Tam Terry
Carson County Sheriff Tam Terry

Angelina Perez

Carson County, TX- Authorities in Carson County are doing their best to capture a mountain lion that has been attacking goats in the area.

Authorities in the area went up in a helicopter Wednesday afternoon to see if they could spot the lion, but they say they were not able to see him.

NewsChannel 10 was told there have been multiple sightings of a mountain lion in the area in just the last few weeks.

Authorities say it is possible that it is a mother lion searching for food for her cubs.

On top of the goat attacks in Skellytown, there have been reports of possible lion attacks in Miami.

"We're concerned, if he's staying where he's supposed to then probably we'd never see him, we'd never know about him but with the fact that he's in town, there's humans that live in town, especially children, its something we're concerned about. We're developing a strategy to try to get him out of here if he's still in the area," said Carson County Sheriff Tam Terry.

Authorities are taking steps to ensure that if the lion is still in the area it will be captured before it causes any more harm.

"Sheriff Terry of Carson County has been in touch with a tracker and we're going to set some traps up and try to catch it, chances are its still on the prowl and its going to come back to this area," said Skellytown City Marshal, Kirk Coker.

The search will continue this week for the lion.

NewsChannel 10 will keep you updated on any changes.