Christmas Cleanup without the Trash Can

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - With the holiday season coming to an end, chances are you have other things leftover in your house besides food.

It's time to take down the Christmas decorations and get rid of the boxes and bags your gifts came in. Instead of adding to the local landfill, you can easily dispose of these items in a much greener way.

Taking the Christmas tree down can be a headache, but getting rid of it is not. Set it curb side or drop it off at one of four tree chipping sites in Amarillo.

The best part is, there is plenty of mulch to go around for free. Director of Public Works, Michael Rice says, "Landfill space is very very expensive, plus trees can be used beneficially in other areas. We actually have a gentleman that comes all the way to Amarillo from Tulia and picks up these chips and uses them in his business."

Just make sure you remove all decorations, lights, and the stand so the tree can be recycled properly. Don't forget to recycle all those cans and paper items leftover from dinner parties. You can make a buck or two while your at it. Operations Manager of Allied Waste, Kimberly Vincent says, "We see a big spike in aluminum cans because a lot of people actually save their aluminum cans all year and then come and sell them the first of December for Christmas money. If you have the storage and the ability to do that, it's a great way to have a little Christmas fund going."

The cardboard boxes and wrapping paper can be recycled too. In fact, the many drop-off locations and places like Allied Waste accept a whole list of things you may have leftover. If you are looking to get rid of electronics take them to places like Cat-Man-Du where they will be recycled or donated.