Cancer Changing the Face of Amarillo

Dr. Coscia, Texas Breast Specialists
Dr. Coscia, Texas Breast Specialists

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The medical district's skyline in Amarillo is continuously growing and now it's receiving even more attention.

While Amarillo's centers for cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment are advancing, it's the programs specifically for breast cancer that are making their mark.

Both the Harrington Breast Center and Texas Breast Specialists are now Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence as named by the American College of Radiology. Texas Breast Specialists most recently received this accreditation.

It's these awards that are bringing people from all over Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Colorado for treatment. Dr. Coscia of Texas Breast Specialists says, "So it's raising the standards in Amarillo not just in our center, but in other centers that have the same award. So people that are in our area that we serve, can rest assured that they are getting the same care, the quality of care that places like in Dallas or Houston or anywhere in the country are getting because we are all looked at under the same scrutiny."

Coscia says it's this excellent quality of oncology and technology that is making Amarillo a hub for cancer medicine in a vast region. Coscia says other advantages in coming to Amarillo, are the clinical trials and research taking place, that are pushing the envelope even further.