Set Free in Time for Christmas

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - For many people being alone on Christmas is not what they hope for, especially when they're behind bars.

If they can help it, family and friends of inmates are doing everything they can to bring them home.

Bail bondsman, Chris Konnecke says Christmas Eve is a very busy day, in fact, people started calling as early as five this morning to pay their bail. Konnecke says, "As far as getting out today, if you got arrested on a misdemeanor, in most cases you could get out today. The Sheriff's Department will set the bail. If it's a DWI in Potter County, you will have to see the judge, so you will have to wait until tomorrow morning, if a judge even comes in to do arraignments. Felonies you always have to see the judge the next day."

Konnecke says he has seen a lot of people being bailed out for traffic ticket violations, shoplifting, DWI's and domestic violence. Although times are tough right now for many to afford bail, he says people are still doing everything they can to bring their loved ones home, just in time for Christmas.