Handling Holiday Family Visits

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Experts say we're about to enter one of the highest times of the year for domestic violence.  They attribute a lot of that crime to people having trouble handling their family over the holidays, so NewsChannel 10 went to therapists for tips to tackle those tense moments tomorrow.

For handling the nagger.

"You have to say, Aunt Millie's constant don't criticisms don't have anything to do with me, they are about Aunt Millie," Counselor Martin Sauer said. "So therefore I have to put my suit of amour."

And for handling the drunk.

"Definitely you've got to protect the kids. That's one of the biggest reasons why children and some adults just absolutely freak out for Christmas because they are reminded of Christmas past when dad and uncle took it out on the lawn," Sauer said.

Also if the person is a close family friend or relative, it might be a good idea to talk with them about their problem after the holiday.

Their best tip to stop the bickering is to take the focus off the family.

"Find somebody a group or whatever that's doing without and you know serve at one of the shelters," Sauer said.

And above all else: don't start a battle you weren't willing to start last week.