Holiday Season Booming for Local Stores

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO---Small business owners are feeling a more green side to this holiday's red and green.

Many store owners NewsChannel 10 spoke with Thursday afternoon say their doors are swinging open with area residents hoping to spread holiday cheer to them through business.

"Its very rewarding, they're not only looking at what we have, but spending time with us. You can go on line and shop, but you don't have that personal feel from someone who knows you and your family and they help you pick out that perfect gift." said Amy-Beth Morrison, owner of Et Cetera.

According to owners,  its not just the atmosphere that's keeping them busy this season. Earlier this year, the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce launched a shop local campaign to help keep money in town.

The hope is,  money spent in local stores will re-circulate in the economy through local sales tax and the employees of the businesses spending their wages in the area.

Business owners also tell NewsChannel 10, with the state of the nation's economy, they are hearing more and more customers request for items made in the USA.

"My gut tells me, people love this country, and we got to take care of America first." said owner of Silverland, Todd Hill.

Store owners say this year, they've also seen more shoppers from around the Panhandle spending money in Amarillo.